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what we do

Each business will require a unique service, due to the kind of support they require. An example of the services which can be offered are;


  • Creating/reviewing business plans
  • Setting up & implementing level-10 meetings
  • Process assistance – helping draft & finalise client/business processes
  • Updating business plans on a quarterly basis (keeping accountability and ensuring the business is on track)
  • Assistance with recruitment
  • Assistance with marketing implementation
  • Project management
  • 121 quarterly team meetings
  • Working with outsourced providers for queries to be dealt with in one place

If there are any other services which you might see benefit, they can be discussed and agreed on an individual basis. Services will be provided on a remote basis and can be offered in 3 different ways – as and when required, a one-off project or a monthly retainer basis. This will be charged based on an hourly rate, estimated before any work has been agreed.