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“What do you do?”

Published by Lucy Myall
June 21, 2023

“What do you do?”

When speaking with a potential new firm recently, the first question I got asked was “what do you do?” and I think it’s a great place to start with a role which isn’t the most familiar in the outsourced financial planning space.

Being an outsourced practice management firm, the lines can be blurred about what we could / couldn’t help you with and hopefully the below clarifies this in more detail:

We do not help your firm with anything directly linked to client work; administrators & paraplanners are far better suited to help with this. We help you (as the business owner) with tasks that you do day-to-day for your business, when you should be focusing on what you enjoy – seeing clients and business direction.

When working together, we always start with your business plan (or develop one, if this isn’t available). This helps us both have clear understanding about what we should be focusing on in your business, to achieve your longer-term objectives.

We’ll then meet regularly, to provide you with some quality time to think about your business (away from anything client related) and ensure that your goals are still on track.

We focus on areas such as:

  • People management
  • Making sure processes are efficient and working for everyone in the business
  • Marketing projects
  • Compliance focuses
  • Day-to-day issues
  • Team prioritisation sessions
  • Setting internal turnaround time targets and ensuring they work for everyone in the business
  • System reviews
  • Project management

If you have any questions about any of the above, or want to chat about how an outsourced practice manager could benefit your business, please get in touch with me on