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My Second Career Journey So Far…

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November 30, 2022

By Paul Myall

After 10 years in the engineering industry, I decided to have a career change. One of the main factors in this decision was my family life. Working 12 hours during a day or night (some weekends), wasn’t ideal for myself or my family. I felt like I missed out watching my son grow up. Credit to my partner for doing so much for our family and starting Fusion Business Management, whilst I was working a lot. But with the rapid growth of Fusion Business Management, my partner saw an opportunity for me to jump on board – sounding scary at first but this meant having a stable lifestyle where I wouldn’t need to work long hours, weekends, or nights. For me this was a no brainer, as I would get to see my son, Hunter (currently two years old), grow up and I could work alongside Lucy to expand the business further.

Within the four months of me being in the business, we have already made the below improvements:

  • Implemented a task management software, to help with efficient running of day-to-day tasks
  • Created our company LinkedIn profile –
  • The business went from Lucy being self-employed, to Fusion Business Management becoming a limited company
  • Received the most amazing reviews from some of our existing clients Home | Fusion Business Management Essex (
  • Building up content on our website (link Above)
  • Started a company newsletter, to be posted on LinkedIn quarterly
  • Creation of our brochure for new clients. If you’d be interested in seeing this, please get in touch
  • We have branded company workwear
  • If you’ve been on a video call with Lucy recently, you would have seen a new vinyl sticker on the office wall with our business logo
  • Onboarding and working with some amazing new firms, not forgetting our existing firms (some of which we’ve been working with for over a year now!)
  • I’ve been picking up a lot of knowledge about the industry, speaking to some amazing people along the way

Now moving into the future on a personal note, I am looking into developing the business further and potentially look into starting my R0 Exams to become a qualified financial adviser, during 2023.

If you would love to know more about the business, then please get in touch. Also, any advice on being new to the industry or becoming a financial advisor would be much appreciated – my email address is