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Lucy’s Apprenticeship Journey

Published by Lucy Myall
February 8, 2024

As it’s apprenticeship week between 5th to 11th February, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on my accidental fall into the industry and how I made those decisions almost 10 years ago. I started in the industry as an admin apprentice, starting some exams and learning about the world of financial planning. After falling in love with the industry and never planning on leaving, I’m forever grateful for my apprenticeship…

What motivated you to choose an apprenticeship over other educational or career paths?

Once I knew the end of school was approaching, I was eager to start my career; albeit I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I loved helping people and using a computer. An apprenticeship route gradually helped me understand the ‘real world’ of working and allowed me to earn whilst I further developed.

How did you discover the apprenticeship opportunity you eventually pursued?

I believe it was a job site, via Bromley College.

Were there challenges or concerns you had before starting the apprenticeship, and how did you address them?

It’s always scary starting something new, especially going from a school setting to a business setting. However, I was passionate about finding a career path I was interested in and knew I would be able to find this via an apprenticeship.

Did you explore other educational options before deciding on an apprenticeship, and what set it apart for you?

Yes. I attended college / sixth-form openings, however, I was ready to move past this environment and wanted to learn whilst in a business setting.

How did the apprenticeship contribute to your personal and professional growth?

I genuinely do not think I would be where I am today without it. I’m hugely grateful to the bosses who hired me (Ian & Casey) for taking a chance on me all those years back. They interviewed a shy girl, who had just left school and watched me grow into a business manager who could sit in board meetings, help with business direction and absolutely love financial planning. It’s made me so much more confident as a person and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity provided to me.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship based on your own experiences?

As long as you’re open to becoming passionate about the job/career you’re getting into, go for it & give it your all – take every opportunity provided to you to help yourself grow and develop.