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10 benefits of a business manager

Published by Lucy Myall
November 1, 2021

In my opinion, a business manager is one of the most crucial roles that a business can have. However, especially in financial services, it is not yet fully appreciated because the role is one of very few non-client facing roles in the industry. However, if the business is not running smoothly in the background – it can cause the biggest impact to the end client.

Usually, a business owner will not see the need to have a business manager because they don’t see a gap in the work that would be completed. This is because the work of a business manager is usually what the business owner has always done – it’s what helps keep their business going and the thought of giving up crucial business tasks to someone other than themselves can be daunting. However, if a business owner can find a trusted source to help with business tasks, it enables them to put their time, energy and focus into what they came into business for in the first place – to financial plan and help the lives of their clients.

Below are 10 examples of benefits a business manager can bring:

  1. Implementation of business tasks
  2. Taking weight off your shoulders
  3. Help turn a thought/goal into fruition
  4. Enable you to fully focus on the right things
  5. Keeping projects, your team and systems on track
  6. Having an opinion from someone outside your team, with industry experience behind them
  7. Central point of contact for all aspects of your business
  8. Enabling the business owner to take a step back (allowing more time off/time to work on things outside of usual day-to-day business)
  9. Help with business decisions, to ensure they are right (for the business, not just on a personal level)
  10. Having a trusted member of the team, without paying for a full-time employee (if they are self-employed)

If you don’t have a business manager but would like to potentially look into getting one, please get in touch with us today for an initial chat at no cost to yourself!