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Fusion Business Management was founded and is run by Lucy Myall, an experienced business manager and previous administrator in the world of financial services. Having provided business management support for many years, Lucy’s main objective is to help business owners focus on doing what they enjoy – to remember why they started their business in the first place and focus on that. If the result is that a business owner can spend more of their working day doing what they love whilst we help with the day-to-day running in the background, the noticeable difference is going to be incredible.

In our opinion, the main aspect of having a ‘well-oiled machine’ of a business is having a team you can trust and the business being run in an efficient/simple way – which is why we’re here to help. Without the need of paying for a full-time employee, we can build a long-term business relationship with firms and work together for business management needs to be met in a streamlined way.

If you would like to have an initial chat about working together, we would love for you to make contact.

Meet the Team



Lucy Myall

Lucy is an experienced operations and practice manager, with a demonstrated history of working at the highest levels within the financial planning space. Her role includes overseeing and improving client-focused and business processes, internal documentation and risk management, checklists and working alongside the business owner to achieve objectives for the firm.

Lucy’s main passion is helping business owners run their business, so they can focus on doing what they love and why they started their business in the first place.

Outside of work Lucy has a beautiful son (Hunter), a Borgi puppy (Benji) and just had her wedding with partner Paul in sunny Cyprus in July 2023.

Lucy Byrom

Paul Myall

Paul has been in the industry for a year now since leaving his previous career as an experienced engineer. Paul has had a passion for the financial industry ever since he completed an ‘ifs School of Finance programme’ in Personal Financial Planning (Level 2 accreditation). Paul is currently helping Lucy in the day to day role and is also learning about other aspects in the industry as Paul aspires to become a fully experienced operations and practice manager.  He is pursuing opportunities to continue his learning and, has embedded himself within the day to day operation at Fusion Business Management.   

Outside of work Paul has a beautiful son (Hunter), a Borgi puppy (Benji) and just had his wedding with partner Lucy in sunny Cyprus in July 2023. Plus has a passion in sports.

Lucy Byrom